All characters have all skills at poor unless otherwise noted.

Athletics covers physical activities such as jumping, running, climbing,
throwing, etc.

Ballistics covers the use of all kinds of ranged weapons such as
handguns, rifles, automatic weapons, bows, slings and crossbows.
Thrown weapons are used with the Athletics Skill.

Combat covers armed and unarmed hand-to-hand combat, ranging
from brawling to martial arts and melee.

Stealth covers the ability to move and perform activities without
being noticed, such as sneaking, hiding, camouflage, disguise and pickpocketing.
Lockpicking is covered by the Repair Skill.

Science (Terrible) covers knowledge in the established sciences like
physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and so on.

Repair covers the use, maintenance, repair and modification of technical
devices. It governs mechanics, electronics and computers, depending
of the actual gaming background.

Interaction covers social behavior and politeness. It governs
streetwise, etiquette, savoir-faire, diplomacy, etc. To influence others
the Manipulation Skill is used.

Manipulation covers the ability to influence others according to
your own agenda, such as negotiation, barter, bargain, haggle, fast talk,
persuasion, rhetoric, etc.

Medicine (Terrible) covers the ability to aid the injured and to attend
the sick. It governs first aid, surgery, pharmacy, psychotherapy
and forensics.

Pilot covers the use of vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles,
planes, helicopters, boats, etc. depending on the actual gaming background.

Art covers all fine arts, such as drawing, painting, sculpturing, singing,
playing an instrument, writing, poetry and literature.

Knowledge covers expertise in common fields like history, law, customs,
natural history, area knowledge, etc.


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