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This will be the “guide book” and main repository for any and all information we come up with for “A Nation Divided.” In it, you’ll find everything from locations of note to character creation. Without further ado, follow the links below to learn more.


“A Nation Divided” takes place in and around North America (at least so far) during the events leading up and during the American civil war. The campaign has attempted to be somewhat historically accurate however, the world departs from real history in various small ways. The gap will get larger due to the involvement of the players and thats okay


We attempt to have the characters feel like living, breathing people independent of the PC characters. This would be the place to find biographies on the characters, organizations, etc.


The version of FUDGE that is used has been set up for simplicity, speed and universality. This part of the wiki codifies the rules and explains how certain things are done. On the one hand, this means that the players can look into and learn all the ways things are done but it also means that the GM can stick to the rules and not feel the urge to tweak things.

Dice Roller

A cool little online dice roller for use with fudge.

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