Hanna Marie Smith

A bounty hunter in search of revenge.

Hanna Marie Smith, Bounty Hunter
Attributes Skills Boons Edges
Muscle Good Athletics Good Reduced Sleep [Guts]Trickshot
Speed Good Ballistics Great Eagle Eye [Guts]Snapshot
Hardiness Mediocre Combat (Brawl) Good Animal Friend [Guts]Tracker
Stealth Good [Muscle]Hurl to the moon
Looks Fair Science Terrible [Speed]Suckerpunch
Brains Mediocre Repair Fair Breaks Notes
Guts Great Interaction Mediocre Bloodlust Amazing Tracker
Manipulation Good Alcoholic Hand Cannon +3 dmg, Pierce
Weird Fair Medicine Terrible Duty (Secret Service) (1 shot then reload, close range)
Pilot Fair Dependents (Orphans) Modified Revolver +1dmg, Pierce
Knowledge Fair Overconfidence (6 shots to reload)
Art Poor Intolerance (Chauvinist) Leather vest -1, Sharp
Scratch: O O O O Hurt: O O O Very Hurt: O O O Incapacitated: O O Down: O

She is a bounty hunter from out west who was trailing a serial killer named Coyote Slim when she stopped at her hometown along the way, she was greeted by the sight of the entire town completely empty and burning.

She grew up in Black Rock, third daughter of the local sheriff. She had a large family of eleven brothers and sisters in all. They were close as any family could be. Mother had died long ago of tuberculosis and father would have bouts of illness but through it all, life in Black Rock was good for her.

Money was tight and one day she went to the next town to trade livestock when she was assaulted by a felon hiding out in the badlands. The man and her struggled when another man shot and killed the felon. What neither of them knew was that another man who was hiding with the felon was there too. He stabbed the helpful man in the leg before he was shot.

Loosing blood rapidly, the helpful man gave her his rabbit’s foot and passed out. Hanna brought the man back to Black Rock and nursed him to health. He suffered fever and delirium but on the sixth day, when he awoke, Hanna was there to return the rabbit’s foot.

She learned that the man’s name was Charles Black. He was a bounty hunter and had simply let his years catch up to him. Hanna helped him back to health and in return, Charles taught her how to shoot and how to track. His stories and demeanor led to her interest in leaving town and following in Charles’ footsteps.

Then, one hazy night a single gunshot rang in the town.

When Hanna got to the front porch of her house, Charles Black lay bleeding and her father sat in the rocking chair still holding his smoking Remington. Charles Black had attacked him, her father said. The incident was accepted without question by the people of Black Rock and her father stayed on as sheriff. In time, the incident faded from the memory of the people of Black Rock.

It never faded from Hanna’s memory, though. Her father treated her differently from then on, harsh and distant. So she packed her things and left shortly thereafter. She did a few jobs, mostly bounty hunting, sometimes dispute solving and rarely she did more immoral jobs. She was good at it, Charles had said so himself and it showed.

She got a telegram that said her father had died. Her brothers and sisters wanted her there for the wake and funeral. She set about tracking Coyote Slim who was heard to be in the mountains near Black Rock and headed home for the first time in a long while.

She arrived a couple days after Catherine, Tobias and John had left the town. It was a burned and hollow husk of what she remembered. She didn’t know exactly how she felt about the whole thing but knew that she needed answers.

Her searching for information led her to New Orleans where she is currently looking for John Taylor who she believes was at the town.

Hanna Marie Smith

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