The West is wild and getting Wilder

It’s 1860 and war is brewing. The new president of the union Abraham Lincoln angers the north and the south. The compromise of 1850 isn’t enough anymore and the battle lines are being drawn. In this backdrop we have a conspiracy involving an occult group with some strange ideas about the future of this great nation.

Can we help keep the Union together even as it’s enemies are set on ripping it to shreds?

The Civil War has begun, battle lines were drawn and the Union will be tested like never before.

The Union and the Confederacy have issued a cease-fire effective immediately. The cease-fire has allowed certain states to maintain slave ownership while others have abandoned the idea. The cease-fire was issued as the result of a strange occurrence in the “seven days battles” in Virginia. Mixed reports say they saw a mammoth machine that looked similar to either a spider or a bear, belching thick black smoke that made it’s way to the battle field and began attacking Union and Confederate alike. In a hasty agreement called the “Virginia Accord”, Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis called an end to current hostilities while the country can rebuild.

Catherine Lacroix and John Taylor have changed the world. A new force called “the weird” has seeped into every man, woman and child on the planet. Reality isn’t quite so sure anymore.

Now, pressed into a new secret agency called the “Secret Service”, it’s up to them to defend reality itself.

A Nation Divided

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