Tobias House

Resourceful EX-house slave with an intense sense of duty.


Muscle: Good 2
Hardiness: Good 2
Speed: Poor -1
Looks: Average 1
Brains: Good 2
Guts: Mediocre 0

Shade Tree Medic +1 to basic first aid rolls
Hellbent Haggler +2 to rolls with merchants
Fade into the background +1 to not be noticed
Barefisted Brawler +2 to fighting barehanded
Stables boy +1 to controlling horses

Slave class citizen -2 to rolls dealing with the majority race
Lethally loyal -3 to allow something bad to happen to a friend (even if doing something would be fatal)
Superstitious -1 To dealing things that “aren’t normal”
Bad liar -1 to trying to lie

Modified Revolver +1 dmg, Pierce (6 shots before reload)



Tobias House was bought to the LaCroix family as a young child. Originally he was a chimney sweep and all around gopher. Doing odd jobs and chores as needed, he had a quick mind and took to new jobs quickly. As Catherine grew into an adventurous child though, Tobias became more like Catherine’s babysitter. Eventually, their relationship grew to one of mutual respect and admiration. They saw each other like siblings. Catherine was the only one who looked past his skin and simply saw another person just like her.

Because of that naiveté, Tobias took great care to help the LaCroix family in sheltering Catherine. He saw it as his duty to protect her from the chaos and injustice of the world outside the LaCroix family grounds. They took to spending as much time as Tobias could get away with each other. Tobias excelled at his chores because he felt that he had to be there for Catherine. She taught him to read, to write and despite Tobias’ constant reminder of the harshness of the world, a small part of him began to believe in virtue.

He stoically took the punishments that Catherine should have recieved and never let her know the sacrifices that he had to make. One day, Catherine explained to Tobias that she wanted to make a new adventure. She didn’t want to be the princess that some prince came to save, she wanted to save princes and fight dragons! Tobias tried to talk her out of it but she wasn’t listening and merely pretended to be convinced.

He knew her enough that he packed a pair of bedrolls and stole whatever goods and supplies that he could find. He packed for the adventure even though he believed that when the adventure ended, his life would end too.

Tobias drank from the water from the fountain of life in the cave. He died and returned.

Tobias House

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