A Nation Divided

The Voodoo Queen

An empty grave, a voodoo queen and saying goodbye.

We said our goodbyes and prepared to leave the LaCroix estate. Catherine and Hanna discovered John laying on the ground with multiple cuts about his body. He explained that Old Greg, the strange man from the swamp told him that he would trade the flask that Catherine wears around her neck for… “anything.”

Journal, I know that I’ve succumbed once to temptation and have regretted it ever since then. I dread what someone with malicious intentions would be able to do with the power in the flask. Catherine, god help her, told john that it would be up to him what we do. Thankfully, John doesn’t want to give the flask to Old Greg.

In the meantime, we had other things to do. We rode into town to find out what was in the base of the Clay monument. The monument’s base though was empty. Hanna’s dog however caught some other scent that led it to a lonesome, unnamed crypt. In this crypt we found a strange book with the words “Grimoire” etched into the leather. The dedication read “My painstakingly cultivated collection, Daniel Webster.” We also found a playbill advertising an Exhibition in New York that would showcase work by Nora McDaniels.

Catherine explained to me that Miss McDaniels was an artist that she met but couldn’t save back in the mansion in Blue Ridge.

We were going to travel onward when Catherine decided that she wanted to visit a lady named Marie Laveau. I’d heard whisperings in the market of the woman; they called her the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. When we arrived at her Brothel, I couldn’t enter. I stayed outside with the horses rather than continue with that debauchery.

When they left, the people within were upset with them.

Later, I learned that miss Laveau called upon some spirit named Marinette. Marinette told Catherine that Old Greg was actually someone named Baron Samendi. She was mostly upset about being licked and that Marinette threatened to eat her. I wish I had been there to help her because she said no one had attempted to protect her.

Miss Hanna Left that night. She seemed a bit shaken after the encounter with Madame Laveau but she also seemed like she had something else in mind. Before she left however, she kissed me. I must confess, I don’t know whether she did so out of affection or a willingness to bother me. Maybe it was both. I tried to stand resolute nonetheless.

Now, we ride to Boston.


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