A Nation Divided

The Ghost Town

Empty Town, Ghost People, And The Fountain Of Youth

Catherine and John are sent to a small town named Black Rock to find out why no one has heard from them. The native american guide who takes them there refuses to stay after dark. After setting up camp high up in the town church’s bell tower, the party discovers why. The Ghost People that the guide was talking about are real people who seem unnaturally pale, walk on all fours and have the nasty habit of smelling things around.

John acurately deduces that the things are human and that they seem to be using their sense of smell as their primary sensory input. Catherine then proposes blowing up the mountain. All this musing is punctuated by a deep, echoing bellow from deep in the mountain. Something is in there. The Ghost People continue coming out of the cave to then return at the bellowing sound.

In the morning, the party discovers a house where the only two bodies are found. A young slave woman seemed to have hung herself and hidden up in the attic, the rich patriach of the family has shot himself. The notes that he had been writing are the only real clues as to what happened in Black Rock.

The “Golden Sun” group had been working behind the scenes here. They were directing the mine to something that they claim to have been very close to finding. Unfortunately, they stumbled on something terrible instead.

With this information in hand our band of heroes decides to enter the mine and uncover the source of the sound, the thing that was being looked for and hopefully free the townsfolk. Things don’t end up the way that they’re planned however and although the Ghost People are deathly afraid of light, the townsfolk are nowhere to be found. The party does however stumble across an exciting find. They stumble across the fountain of youth and an enormous human shaped giant whose cries are the echoing noise heard in the night.

The giant is imprisoned underground and it’s tears are channelled to the fountain of youth. The party concludes that the Ghost People had been guarding the giant all this time and the townsfolk were the intruders having dug right into the Ghost People’s home. On the way out, unable to restrain her curiosity, Catherine cuts herself and dips her finger only to see it come out fully healed. The group gathers some of the water in a jug and head off. On their way out, they blow the upper level of the mine and thus close off that path of entry into the mountain.

John sets explosives throughout the town while Tobias (Catherine’s Slave companion) and Catherine bury the bodies of the two that were found. They discuss the possibilies of eternal life and even magic. Catherine is exited by the prospect of an even more fantastic world while Tobias take a more sombre approach. In the end, Catherine decides to have tobias hold the jug so that John (who had shown quite an interest in the water) wouldn’t be able to get it.

That morning before setting out, Tobias hands Catherine back the jug saying the “the temptation is too strong” for him. They then meet with the guide and set off for the long journey home.


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