A Nation Divided


The founding of the Secret Service

I’m beginning to believe that if there’s a devil, his name is Alan Pinkerton. I’m of the mindset that he probably has some agent somewhere reading these entries as I make them. Well, if I ever do meet my end and Mr. Pinkerton and his associates read this; they should know that I’ll never forgive them.

Heck, I shouldn’t forgive myself either. God help me, I think I may be beginning to enjoy these “adventures” as Miss Catherine wants to call them.

He knew where we were. Alan Pinkerton somehow found us in our hotel and came all that way to offer us a job. In the wake of the chaos that ensued after the whole situation with Mister Reynolds, Mr. Pinkerton says that things have changed. He says that under direct order from President Abraham Lincoln, we got offered a job in his Secret Service.

See, there are things even Mr. Pinkerton doesn’t know though.

When Miss Catherine and John woke up, they explained that the ritual worked. Miss Catherine says that she was taken to some other place, like a spirit world. Things were all so strange there, she says. Like her own memories were being played against her by things that couldn’t really understand them.

She said that at one point, she found a house made of candy. Like the story with the two German children. She said that she opened the door and sure enough, the witch was inside. Only she was too big to actually get out. Her arms and hands stretched out like a thin shadow. I think I may get nightmares from that.

The point is that she felt that whatever was in that spirit place didn’t really know what was real and what wasn’t. They couldn’t tell one of her memories from a story. Maybe they thought it was all a story and they just wanted to play too. Either way, something powerful asked her some questions.

The thing killed Mr. Reynolds. Killed him like he was just an ant, whatever he actually was. She says that the thing explained that Mr. Reynolds was a monster, a monster who pretended to be a man. I don’t know what to make of that. Either way, they feel responsible for the way things are now. If that is true, I wonder if it’s been changed for better or worse.

Mr. Pinkerton says that he’s heard so many weird things that we had to be brought in; made official. They won’t be paying us much but the idea is that President Lincoln has given us full authority to stop these weird things.

So we’re the Secret Service now.

Our mission, to protect normalcy. We are what stands between people enjoying their normal lives and all the strange things like Mr. Reynolds that go bump in the night.


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